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Why choose BitON Consultores?

BitON Consultores is a company headquartered in Barcelona (Spain) with a global reach. It allocates a substantial volume of its resources to R&D in a bid to offer its clients the best solution for their needs and top-level computer consulting.

  • BitON Consultores has witnessed continuous and unstoppable growth over the past 9 years.
  • It has a strong commitment to innovation with:
    • 50% of its staff working exclusively in R&D.
    • Alliances with strategic partners.
    • Partnership agreements with universities and recognised institutions in its field.
  • We are specialists: unlike our more serious competitors, BitON Consultores is not simply a line of business of a big corporation. BitON Consultores works exclusively on the integrated improvement of business processes in a wide range of companies.
  • Professionals of the highest standards: rigorous selection processes ensure that we recruit the very best specialists.
  • Prestigious clients.

What do we look for?

At BitON Consultores, we want the best people with the best ideas. We aspire to be the best workplace, attracting and retaining top talent while helping our employees to realise their full potential.

At BitON Consultores, you will find an organisation where teamwork and the exchange of ideas are paramount to business. You will feel that your work is valued and we will give you all the technical tools and training to further your career.

We believe that people are the key to success, so we make sure that the ones who join our company grow with us.

Contact us

If you are interested in joining our project, send your CV to

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