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Safe and reliable choice for your needs of enterprise content management

With eBIT EasyDocs, forget worries: our goal is to provide all the advantages of document management and at the same time protect your documents against loss, damage or unauthorized queries. With over 20 years experience in the market, we have the solution that best suits your needs to manage all documents and information in your organization.


Product Description

With the eBIT records management solution, you can scan all your documents for ease of management; it is also possible to download these documents from the Internet.

Technical Features

  • Document scanning.
  • Automation of work processes.
  • Streamlined access to records and contracts.
  • Possibility of downloading from the Internet.


  • Prevents the loss or dispersal of documents. We can also know the status of a given document or record at any time.
  • Allows for customer access to these documents when necessary.
  • Improves the way clients/suppliers view our processes.


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EBIT EasyDocs
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Supplier Invoices

EBIT AP enables companies to automate the capture, forwarding, validation and management of supplier invoices.

The eBIT solution to automate the entry and exit of all documents involved in the buying cycle -Pedidos, invoices, delivery notes and other communications-regardless of format reception (paper, email, EDI …) as well as the accounting in the ERP or corporate management system.


Product Description

The eBIT solution automates all incoming and outgoing purchase cycle documents – orders, delivery notes, packing slips and other communications – in whatever form (paper, e-mail, EDI, etc.) and their accounting in the ERP or corporate management system.

Technical Features

  • Scanning of supplier invoices and automated extraction of data for validation and integration with the corporate system (accounting).
  • Scanning of delivery notes and packing slips, with automated extraction of data for integration with the corporate system.
  • Incident management through automated processing of supplier faxes and e-mails.
    Digital archiving with access to documents from the accounting entry.
  • Document verification and approval workflow with full traceability.
  • Automation of the bulk of supplier communication via post, e-mail, fax, text messaging or web publishing.


  • Optimisation of administrative tasks.
  • Reduced processing times.
  • Increased control at different stages of the process.
  • Savings in the costs associated with paper mailings, data entry, etc.
  • Reduction in incidents.
  • Quick access to centralised information, resulting in faster resolution of queries, incidents and enquiries about goods deliveries and invoice receipts.
  • Certified scanning


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Customer Invoices

No company wants a medium long period of recovery. So, why not shorten it?

Controlling working capital is more important than ever in the current business environment. And what will make the difference is the efficiency in the management of accounts receivable. Processing paper invoices with manual methods of production and shipping, it requires much time and resources. Precisely what companies have less. The solution to that more and more companies choose is automation thanks to eBIT Accounts Receivable.


Product Description

Delivery of 100% of customer invoices electronically. This solution can be used by any business, regardless of its technology platform and management software.

Technical Features

  • Automated issuing and sending of customer invoices.
  • Transmission in a format compatible with the management system of the invoiced company: PDF, EDI, XML (e-invoicing).
  • Possibility of sending by post, fax, e-mail, web portal.
  • Extraction of the necessary data (from the ERP or accounting tool containing the information) for the generation of electronic billing documents.
  • Possibility of issuing the electronic invoice with a preferred format.
  • Make the invoice legally valid by means of a digital certificate.
  • Digital archiving with access to documents from the ERP.
  • Web portal access for clients/.


  • Lower operating costs.
  • Improved financial and operating cash management.
  • Substantial improvement in document handling.
  • Guaranteed invoice delivery to 100% of recipients.
  • Frees up physical storage space.
  • Optimal information backup.
  • Improved handling of customer relations.
  • Control process optimisation.


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Customer Orders

Manage customer orders in the traditional way is a burden in terms of time spent, money and resources.

While the volume of orders and the need to increase productivity level, companies seek new ways to break tradition and to update its management system customer orders.


Product Description

With this solution, data is automatically extracted and sent to the corporate ERP. The scanned orders can be kept for easy resolution of questions and/or queries. Approval workflows can also be set up between two or more employees.

Technical Features

  • Order scanning.
  • Extraction and validation.
  • Digital archiving.
  • Approval workflow.
  • Integration with corporate applications.
  • Queries.


  • Fast and flexible resolution of incidents and queries.
  • Enhanced customer service.
  • Reduction in average collection time.


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Shipments Document Management

Shipping document solutions eBIT can be used in SaaS mode or installed in their computer systems.

Will allow you to send emails, faxes and / or mail from their management systems or from your own workstation. EBIT is able to perform layout tasks, electronic signatures, enveloping, etc. unattended.


Product Description

Automated sending of business documents. Works seamlessly with any management system or ERP, allowing 24/7 access from your PC or the management application.

Technical Features

  • Layout.
  • Data extraction and validation.
  • Digital archiving.
  • Approval workflow/digital signature.
  • Integration with corporate applications.
  • Connectors for fax, e-mail, SMS, post, web portal.


  • Updating of obsolete application features to improve communication with clients/ and/or suppliers.


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Why eBIT?

Total integration

In order to improve processes throughout your organization, eBIT seamlessly integrates with applications already implemented, such as ERPs, CRMs, legacy systems, email, etc.

SaaS or License Mode

The eBIT automation solutions offer flexible development options with very little need for support. They can be installed in their offices or as a process in the cloud.


Eliminating Paper

EBIT is an independent platform client computer environment; eBIT CxP offers a solution to automate every phase of process management.

What Clients say

To manage your business in a simple and innovative way.

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