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Our solutions are designed to streamline, organise and simplify the tasks of our clients, with the development of tailored solutions for individual businesses, all backed by the experience and expertise of our staff..

Our Services

BitON designs and develops solutions using the Microsoft .NET and Compact Framework platforms. Drawing on the experience we have gained over the years, we can analyse the challenges faced by our clients and come up with unique solutions. BitON has created a team of experts specialising in .NET and database technologies, including Asp.NET, VB .NET and SQL Server. We also work with VB 6, so we offer support to clients with existing or transitional applications prior to .NET.

Our development team has the professional support of the project managers and uses its own standard methodology to ensure that solutions are delivered on schedule and within budget.

With our experience and the practical application of advanced technologies, our clients can obtain the high performance they require.

We specialise in systems and technology consulting with a view to streamlining, organising and simplifying the tasks of our clients. We also develop specific solutions tailored to the information needs and particular problems of individual companies, all backed by the experience, expertise and enthusiasm of the company’s staff.

Our technicians have over 20 years’ experience in the industry.

We carry out consulting, audits and software engineering for the AS/400 environment.

We develop and modify both our own and other applications in the following programming languages and environments: RPG/IV and ILE, Rpg/Free, CLP, SQL, Java, Visual Basic 6.0, .NET and ASPX environments with DB/400.

We are experienced in both standard and tailored applications for different sectors: textile, distribution, production, transport, warehousing, manufacturing, accounting, etc.

We use a series of tools for exploiting AS/400 data from both DB/400 and spool lists.

Business Solutions

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