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Our solutions are designed to streamline, organise and simplify the tasks of our clients, with the development of tailored solutions for individual businesses, all backed by the experience and expertise of our staff..

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Problems to Address

Having the right information is crucial when it comes to making decisions, but what can companies do when they have so much data that it actually hinders decision-making?

A BI system is required when:

  • Our organisation’s decisions are taken intuitively.
  • We have data quality issues.
  • We do not know how to route information to the right people at the right time.
  • Many users use Excel as independent and isolated repositories, creating what is known as “Excel chaos”.
  • Information needs to be shared between departments, users, etc.
  • We have a critical mass of information that we can no longer use.
  • Our users request reports on transactional systems and this has an impact on their performance.
  • We want to give operational, tactical and strategic answers.
  • We want to democratise our information.
  • We want to know the history of our business.
  • We need to integrate information from heterogeneous sources.

Product Description

Pentaho BI Suite will give you knowledge and help you to make informed decisions based on your corporate data. The suite offers a full range of features for Business intelligence projects, including queries and reporting, interactive analysis, dashboards, ETL/data integration and data mining. Pentaho BI Suite is completely modular, so you only need to implement the modules that interest you.

Technical Features

  • 100% web solution.
  • PDA connectivity.
  • eBit400 integration.


Provides information and helps you to make decisions based on your corporate data.

Business Solutions

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